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Every Soul Has A Story.

And, Every stone has a soul

Like the stones, our souls transform and evolve
through the heat, forces, and weather we experience.
This is how we gain our our wisdom, our beauty
our stories,
and our Light.

Here, the story of the stones
and your story

Welcome to the Upper Clarity
School of Stone Medicine.

Meet Your Guide.

Hi, I'm Sarah Thomas.

I help healers, herbalists, acupuncturists, and everyday stone-whisperers access life-changing tools in the field of stone medicine. 

I’m a long-time healer and my expertise lies in ancient knowledge from the Daoist perspective and treasures of wisdom from 3 other ancient traditions.

If you’re done chasing symptoms and seek to newly stand or strengthen yourself as true soul healer,

my passion and purpose is to be one of the lights on your path.


Featured Courses & Events

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Upper Clarity Crystal Shop.

Do you need a trusted source for medicinal stones?
Here, you can get everything I recommend for healers.
We specialize in rare, powerful and completely natural stones.

Let's start sharing our stories.

Student Transformations

"Thank you again and again for presenting this in a fun and easy-to-follow manner.
Sarah's spirit holds the wisdom of the depths of our Earth.
I am honored to holler from the top of our mountain,
"Sarah is my teacher!!!'"
Kathy Egan
Founder of The Healing Village and Stone Medicine Practitioner
"My dreams come true!
I've been waiting most of my life to figure out how to use stones...
and this is it!"
Bonnie Biggers Barrow
Licensed Acupuncturist
"Thank you.
This is an attempt tp put into words the profound impact being a student here has made in my life.
Remember and reclaiming my stone story is truly a gift."
Alithea A. Gailliot
Stone Medicine Practitioner and Bodyworker