The ancient Taoist School of Upper Clarity, for which this school is named, was developed by a Taoist Priestess, known as Lady Wei. In a vision, Lao Tze came to her and instructed her to birth this tradition. It would be called the School of Upper Clarity because students would seek to become as clear as heaven. The tradition was grounded in meditation and mysticism. Students learned to sift through and challenge all of the constructs, programs and conditioning placed on them by the outer world. They saw how teachers, parents, the culture, and other outer authorities implanted them with beliefs that were not their own. Their work was to reintegrate their own self-learning and gain contact with their own guiding light. Outer programming had to be purged and purified until they could listen to their own hearts and hear their own truths.

Lao Tze’s instruction went further: When something was truly known from within – the implementation of that was raw power. In fact, this was the secret to potency, alchemy, transformation, influence and magic.

As Lady Wei held students to this purification and realization practice they found that this seed of consciousness was world-changing. The most powerful group of priests and priestesses ever known was emerging. They each had their own uniqueness and they could manipulate the world around them. Their temples birthed weather magic, waking the dead, and many other miraculous achievements.

“Upper Clarity” is a pure and refined heart. As clear as a crystal, free from conditioning, and One with pure Source energy. The student does not need outside teachers at this point. Only direct relationships. With the Earth, the stones, the Immortals, and themselves.

Under this consciousness, the knowledge shared by teachers becomes a carrier for a living transmission. This transmission is a consciousness. It serves solely to awaken one’s own inner truth and ignite mystical activations and experiences. Its purpose is to create students with only one true teacher – their own heart.