This is.


What does that mean? The purpose of this post is to make it clear what it means here. This is important for you to  understand if you are being called to Enter the Cave or take other trainings here.

Let’s begin with a foundational truth.


Consciousness can not be taught.


You can not teach someone a higher state of consciousness because it lies outside the workings of the mind. Concepts can not hold it. When the Masters want to radiate consciousness, they rely on certain tools. Like a magical wave, consciousness can be encoded into sound (oral transmissions employ this), stone, sacred fires, pictures, and much more. But it is never transmitted through teaching alone because concepts are not carriers of consciousness.


When consciousness links with knowledge, we have the seed and soil to sprout a Mystery School.


The consciousness rides on knowledge, like a bird hitching a ride on a rhino’s back. It’s connection to knowledge makes it a School and not a Mystery Home or Mystery Post Office.

Now let’s understand the ‘Mystery’ part. First, know,


A Mystery School is alive.


It’s conscious of its destined students, wherever they are. It knows their purpose. It knows it’s purpose.


Students are guided to the School by seeds planted within.


As they are taught, the transmission of the recorded knowledge sprouts the inner seeds. These seeds begin to grow and the students’ personal relationship to the knowledge begins to flower. This personal relationship relies on experience, not concepts. Experience is alive. This is very important. The living experience based on each student’s personal relationship to the knowledge begins to transmit the consciousness to the students.

As the consciousness awakens the student, a process of spiritual transformation takes place.


It’s not only the students who evolve. The consciousness of the School also evolves.




The knowledge itself harvests keys to its own evolution through its symbiotic relationship to the initiate. This is precisely how Chinese medicine has endured for so long – it evolves through the unique contributions of its students. It’s not a closed system. That’s why it’s been able to stay alive on the winds of time like a magical dragon. It allows itself to change.



In this way, information is elevated to consciousness, teachings become transmissions, students become initiates, and initiates experience more than learning. They awaken.



Mystery schools are named such because they retain a connection to an ever-changing, unknowable Mystery. They retain this connection through their evolving initiates living experiences. It’s almost as though they use their initiates as all these little individual awakened hearts that can explore and create, and then feed that information back into the Consciousness. In this way, it always grows in what it knows. It fulfills the whole purpose of Consciousness – it evolves.

If you are wondering why you were called to this Mystery School, consider that it found you. Perhaps it knows you have keys to its evolution.

Perhaps you have met the consciousness of this school and the lineages that feed it in another timeline, lifetime or dimension. Perhaps you conspired to meet again at this time.





Since you have already come upon the door, I will tell you a secret about this specific School.

The door will always open with these magic words: All Knowledge is Within.

As you step inside, you will see the most wonderful colorful library! Beyond your imagination, every book, and as tall as the sky. Delight in the knowledge. Enjoy the innocence of the mind, enjoy fascination and inspiration. Step further into wisdom – read all of the stories of all of the Spirits through all of time. Become aware of your own unique story – the truth in your own heart. Experience the magic that unfolds as you implement your truth.

Know that when you are ready, there will come a second door. For this one, I will give you a hint. Your magic words are a question, not an answer. We will make it to that second door together, if you choose to enter the first.

Blessings of union with destined magical schools,