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Right now, as the decade cycle rebirths itself and we enter 2020, I keep hearing to focus on soul retrieval. And, it's less about reintegration or healing from trauma. It's more about Waking. Really Waking to a Wholeness we have not been aware of before. There are Soul parts of us that we have been asleep to. I keep seeing myself being shaken by these inner Masters. “Awaken Now,” a voice calls. It is time.

And, not from the outer. From the inner. The channels of light within must be opened now. The inner Deities must be awakened now. These are the parts of us who know how to walk forward. These are the parts of us who carry the medicine for the times ahead.

This is why I have been called to share a ritual with you now. This ritual is intended to awaken you to your own Soul Ancestry by working with stones.

Thursday night, January 2nd, 2020, at 7pm EST, I will share this ritual in a live webinar class, Waking Your Soul Ancestry with Stone. We actually hold the keys to our own inner gates, and the stones help. This practice will be a helpful guide for you as we enter the new time cycle. We will see what kind of conversation it sparks between you and The Nature!

I will also share some special information about Temple of Stone, the 9-week certification course that begins one week from that night. There are still a few more seats in that course and I'll share with you why you might want to take one. I will also offer a tuition coupon code for the course.