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This week the vlogcast focuses on a 4-point treatment that's been around for centuries. It's one of the most simple point sets you can learn. It can be activated with stones, oils, sound, light, needles, or other forms of energy.

But first you have to understand it. That's the intention for Season 2, episode 8: Amazonite and the Gates of Buddha.

In the class I will cover:
– one of the biggest causes of disease (that we acknowledge the least)
– the beautiful philosophy behind this treatment
– how to perform the treatment with amazonite
– why amazonite rules the Gates of Buddha

This class is essential for you if:
– you've felt tense or angry
– you've felt stuck or depressed
– you know it's time to let go of some things
– there's something you need to create (book? painting? new things?)

Get ready for some depth, wisdom and simplicity as this ancient treatment becomes part of your tool belt. It's a gift.