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"I am floored!
So amazing to have a very scientifically capable teacher captivate
those of us who hold on so tightly to logic
and help us launch into experiential, intuitive, heart-centered truth."
Southeast Women's Herbal Conference
"I've never been so impressed or moved by any other teacher in my life."
Mid-South Women's Herbal Conference
"I'm blown away. This information is transformational."
Pacific Women's Herbal Conference
"Brilliant! Grounded information and the keys to growing our understanding of stone medicine."
Mid-South Women's Herbal Conference
"This has opened me up to a whole new depth and scope of understanding of stone medicine.
This was so thorough, I joyously took over 15 pages of notes! My goal now is to take all of your classes!"
Portland Plant Medicine Gathering
"This class cracked opened lost memories inside of me.
As I listened, I remembered how to work with the stones.
Now, I can't stop imagining all of the ways I can return to being of greater service with the stones."
Mid-Atlantic Women's Herbal Conference
"That blew me away! I can't believe how much I learned in 90 minutes! I could not wait to go home and start working with the stones on my land! That was extraordinary and worth the whole ticket to the conference!"
Camp Disclosure Conferece
"Little did I know how transformed I would be by Sarah's intellectual clarity and how rapidly my creations would grow to reflect that. These trainings bring stone medicine to light
in a way that is nothing short of profound."
Savannah King
Jewelry Craftsman and Designer