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The Ancient Goddess Mysteries of Isis are one of three streams of consciousness that flow into Enter the Cave, How to Build Crystal Grids with Power, and many more of the offerings here. The other two streams are Earth-based shamanism and Chinese Taoism – more on these to come! In this post, I will share how the Isis lineage influences stone medicine as it is expressed here at UCSOSM.

My own connection with Isis and the Goddess temples is wired into a place beyond my understanding. I do not have an outer teacher or formal training within this lineage. All of my experience and understanding come from within. And to me, this is a hallmark of the energy – there is an embodied, and often mysterious, knowing.



True to its form, an understanding came to me in a dream that this lineage was not to be excluded as I spoke publicly about the influences on the school.

Two nights before I had the dream, and when I was developing Enter the Cave, I went to a fire puja on a full moon. At that prayer ceremony, on a Fall night by the light of the flames, I felt my womb chakra connect powerfully to the creation of the course. This connection felt supremely essential. Something inside me spoke clearly. It said, do not forget your feminine center of creation in this. It is the key. I felt like, YES! There was a lot of happiness in that reminder and strengthening of link.



Two nights later, I dreamed a flash of an image. I saw myself from outside myself – standing and holding a black stone at my womb chakra. The black stone shapeshifted into the scarab beetle of Isis. The image dissolved, but the message was crystal clear: I carry this lineage of stone medicine, too, and this must be voiced and upheld. And in the case of this lineage, I feel more compelled to refer to it as crystal magic. Those feel like the right words.

The next morning, still in the wake of the message, I quickly drew the image from the dream and then created the shamanic stages and rituals for Enter the Cave.



Now, there are many places to learn about Isis and the ancient Goddess temples. This post is not for the purpose of teaching about the history of the energy. I do share resources at the end if you want to learn more.


Here are some of the core aspects of Goddess temple magic:


  • Far back in very ancient history, sacred temples were dedicated to honoring the divine feminine, or the Goddess energy as it is expressed from Pure Truth or Pure Source.


  • As the epoch or yuga turned over, these Mysteries went underground to be protected.  Ancient Egypt was the site of many of the strongest Mystery Schools.


  • The Mysteries maintained teachings on how to connect to Pure Source, how to connect with the eternal life of our Souls, tantra or sacred union practices, how to invoke the divine feminine energy from the body, the tools of creation (focus on sound), how to connect with the Earth Goddess, and more.


  • These techniques and practices are the foundational streams of magic for Atlantis, where the use of crystal magic was in high-gear. There is no doubt that future Earth-based shamanistic approaches and Chinese Taoism were highly influenced as well.



Here’s how this Isis consciousness connects to the stone and crystal work:



and their activation by intangible forces like light, sound, color, prayer, and beyond goes back to these Mysteries. As well as their ability to create shifts in time and space, and their ability to holographically encode and transmit energy, information, or power.

crystal grids

and placing crystals in relationship in order to catch specific frequencies, energy doorways, and countless other creative potentials is sourced from the Goddess energy. This evolved into the creation of pyramids, energetic temples, and great grids of connective power between them.


as the seed source of activation for crystals. Sound is the prime creator. Crystals and grids absorb, shape, amplify, direct and harmonize the sound. Crystals and sound are the perfect pairing for creating.


If you are interested in working with crystals to consciously CREATE from an intuitive and embodied place – that is the essence of this stream of influence.


From my own intuition, dreams, and visions, I see the original roots of crystal magic linked back to ancient Egypt and the Mystery Schools “under” the temple structures. I will share more about Mystery Schools and how they connect to Enter the Cave and this entire school in a future post.



Creating with crystals and building crystal grids is a part of the ritual work that you will be invited to engage in if you study stones and crystals here.


You may also feel a “knowing” pour forth from an ancient and non-linear place within you. You may also find, as you reactivate your crystal magic, that you begin to feel a new connection or re-connection to your own personal relationship with Isis, or feminine power or energy.

For me, the important thing is to let it come. It is not to be grasped for, mentally understood, placed into a box, or made into a concept. Your body knows it. Let go, unfurl your Isis wings, and let it come.

How to Build Crystal Grids with Power is an essential course to take if you are feeling called to this stream of crystal magic. In the course, I go into detail about this lineage and it’s connection to the power of crystals, crystal grids, greater Earth-grids, and sound as tools for creation.

Here are some resources if you want to learn more about this lineage:

  • The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra is a very interesting text. Like many powerful things, there is human drama and misunderstanding around it. It does have a very beautiful chapter on Isis. I got a lot from it. See if it resonates with you.
  • The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus and the Sex Magic of Isis by Tom Kenyon. This reveals more about the creation tools of sacred union, which is connected to crystal grid work.


An Isis statue in the Temple of Isis


And, if you’re interested in another mysterious story about me and Isis, I will soon create another post about the conception of the Heaven on Earth Project. That was pure magic. She is accessible and alive, here to support all of us, male or female or beyond, in the embodiment of Feminine Power.

Crystals held in both fists to a lightening-filled sky,