Grandfather Tobacco Spring Ceremony

A morning of gentle ceremony with a great plant spirit and some very special stones.

Let’s sit together again and deepen. Join us for a beautiful morning of medicine, meditation, sound, prayer, and healing. One day after Earth Day and on the morning of Easter Sunday, let’s feel into the energy of Christ Consciousness and Gaia Sophia together.

  • Date: Sunday, April 21st, 2019
  • Time: 10am-2pm
  • Place: 130 Center Avenue, Black Mountain, NC 28711
  • With: Caroline Padgett and Sarah Thomas

ceremony details

The plant spirit, Grandfather Tobacco, is a divine masculine plant spirit who can help you deepen your relationship to the Earth. We will work with tobacco in a sacred ceremonial preparation known as singa. If you do not wish to ingest it internally, you can work with it just as powerfully outside of the body.

Our theme for this ceremony is anchoring the frequency of Christ Consciousness into our bodies and the Earth. We will be dropping into deep meditation, working with stone and crystal elixirs, and moving into states of higher conscious awareness. Join us for a beautiful morning with Mother Gaia and Grandfather Tobacco.

Your Guides –

This ceremony will be facilitated by Caroline Padgett ( and Sarah Thomas.



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We can refund your payment! But, if there gets to be a wait-list, we will email registrants and let you know that a wait-list has started and due to limited seating, we can no longer offer refunds for any reason. We will give you an option to give your seat to someone on the wait-list at that time. From there forward, we will be unable to refund any payments.