Section 1 – The Story of the Crystals of the Elmwood Mine

Section 2 – Very Significant Properties of Sphalerite, Calcite, Fluorite, and Barite

Section 3 – A Note on Sustainability and Ethics

Section 4 – Why these Crystals are Valued at these Prices



Section 1 – The Story of the Crystals of the Elmwood Mine


The Elmwood Mine in Tennessee is a zinc mine that was discovered in 1969. As miners worked to harvest zinc, they began to find these incredible museum-quality crystals.

Stunning purple fluorite crystals, incredibly sparkly sphalerite, orange calcite crystals, and more were found in the mine. Every time they would blast into a new “room,” these incredible minerals would be living in there, like a treasure chest. The miners started to collect the minerals and take them out. They soon got in trouble for spending too much time carefully taking these crystals off the wall. The owner of the mine started to take the minerals from the miners, offered them $5 or $10 a piece for them, and collected them from them as they came out each day.

But, this continued to be seen as too much of a distraction, so the minerals were no longer allowed to be harvested, and in many cases, were completely destroyed in blasts. Rooms of these beautiful minerals were simply… exploded. I believe they are getting destroyed, even now.

The owner of the mine still had hundreds, maybe even thousands, of beautiful crystals. He found one local guy who he trusted and started selling them to him at a low cost. This local guy became a friend of mine (through Kathy, who I will say more about below) and I formed a relationship with him and these minerals over a couple of years.

In the case of the Elmwood Mine, it’s quite like… rescuing the medicinal plants from a rainforest as it gets blasted by humanity’s commercial needs. We want to get these out safely and into good hands.

I absolutely love these minerals, they are such a huge gift to us right now. These pieces hold very very high vibes. In sitting in a room with them, I literally feel multiple Masters, Teachers, Divine Souls tethering themselves to these pieces. These hold the door open for so many different frequencies to touch down. So many possibilities arise.

Kathy Egan, who introduced me to the seller, and who is a profound crystal healer and profound person in general, has a close relationship with these crystals. She has identified a protocol to clear entities with them, as well as seen into the heart of the entire mine and the energy that runs through every single piece. She shared about that in my free vlogcast episode “Sphalerite, Calcite, and More Bring you a True Heart Transmission.” You can watch that here. If these pieces run out or if you don’t find what you need here, you can contact Kathy for more of these at “The Healing Village” on Etsy.

This is the short story of the mine. I hope this leads you to an experience of these crystals.


Section 3 – Very Significant Properties of Sphalerite, Calcite, Fluorite and Barite


Sphalerite – arguably the most under-utilized and overlooked stones in the practice of stone medicine, this mineral is a versatile powerhouse. From the vantage point of a crystal healer, I can assure you that each mineral from this mine with sphalerite is worth the cost for the sphalerite alone. Truly. The other crystals growing on it are purely bonus.

Sphalerite includes zinc, sulfur and iron. Zinc is the irrigation network running from the vital kidney energy to the rest of the body. It pumps energy, immunity and strength to the whole system and particularly the wei chi (protective field) around the body. It IS your immune shield. It also regulates the lymph, helping you drain and release toxins in the blood and other tissues. Sphalerite also includes iron (strength, blood) and sulfur (transformation and purification at its best).

The truth of any mineral is not about adding up the parts, it’s the alchemy of the parts. The unique alchemy of sphalerite makes it one of the most effective stones for immune defense, entity clearing, and building and regeneration. It’s very rare in the stone kingdom to have so much power to build and to detoxify and clear in one mineral. The entity clearing power is some of the most powerful I have ever worked with. I believe every household and every healer should have sphalerite in their tool kit.


Calcite – Calcite is another premiere stone for clearing ghosts, entities, and pathogens.It can be used in any entity-clearing protocol, and is very useful for clearing any pathogen from the wei level, which is the most superficial level of our field. It clears the “exterior.” It can also absorb damp and ghosts from environments. Calcite is also found in the pineal gland and pieces like this open the crown chakra and vibrate the pineal gland, simply by being placed above the head. These are also very powerful to hold during meditation.


Fluorite – Imagine a Chinese character in the most beautiful and perfect calligraphy you’ve ever seen. Each stroke is so sublime it can barely stay here in the 3D and feels like it’s on the edge of disappearing. Now imagine the ink begins to disappear from the paper right before your eyes. You witness it transform from form into the formless. Now, that’s some masterful art right there! I think, as artists, that’s what we desire. Those moments where we disappear into the work, and we lose ourselves in it. Now imagine a stone, named by Daoist sages centuries ago, given a name that paints this picture. Form vanishing into the formless.
That stone is fluorite.

What this means is, we can use this stone to “evaporate” anything out of our body and field. Like the character disappearing, this stone lifts toxic or detrimental energy right out of the physical and subtle layers. Fluorine is the most electronegative element on the periodic table, meaning it binds to things more than any other element. This is why we use compounds of it to clean our teeth. The calcium in the stone takes all of this magic to the jing level (DNA) which includes bones, bone marrow, teeth, uterus, kidneys, endocrine glands, brain, uterus, ovaries, testes and some other deep, delicate and important parts. When you wave this stone over your face and head, you will feel it draw all kinds of strange vibrational bugs out of the “holes in the bone” on the skull like the eye socket bones, nasal bones, and cranial sutures. This virus really lodges into the cranial suture at the top of the bridge of the nose, by the way. Fluorite is one of the biggest cancer support stones in stone medicine for these reasons, and the purple color just doubles down on the deep jing (DNA) affinity. This stone will become even more important as we deepen our walk into this age of electromagnetic chaos and vibrational complexity.


Barite – Barite is anti-fungal, anti-damp, and anti-parasitic. It also has a softening and regenerating ability, like pearls. This can be used to gently infuse the body and field with a soft nurturing restorative energy and is often used at the end of stone medicine body work to fill the field back up. That is just the beginning of the special frequency this emits and I will leave the rest of it to be experienced by you because it’s easy to feel when you’re holding it.



Section 3 – A Note on Sustainability and Ethics


Every mined or harvested mineral has a different story. Some are mined in small villages and put food on the tables of children in those villages. Some make whole villages possible and sustained. Some are mined in ways that devastate and dishonor the earth. Some are sold by huge sellers who have no connection to any of it but the bottom line. Some are sold by small sellers who really care about the minerals and about knowing their story. Some are collected as by-products in large mining operations. This is the case with the Elmwood crystals (zinc is used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications).

It’s important to learn the story behind the minerals you purchase.

The Earth has a code and it can be summed up in one word: reciprocity. She continues to teach humanity the code of giving and receiving in balance. When we walk in equanimity, She is happy to provide for us. She does love us, after all.

My perspective on ethics is one of someone who knows the value of minerals to heal and awaken. I have worked alongside them for two decades now, and I know in my heart they are here to help heal and awaken humanity. They also want to be in partnership with humanity and work as a team to help the earth evolve into her next phase of life. And, I’m sharing what I believe, and always want you to listen to yourself.

From my perspective, it’s important to create awareness around minerals, i.e. educate people on how to work with them, talk more about the taboo topic of mining ethics, and also get them into the hands of people who will make good things happen with them.

And, from this perspective, I see that the stones and crystals of the earth make the intangible tangible. They hold the frequencies; the possibilities given to us BY the earth. I tend to think that She knows what treasure troves she will upload and release to us, and She knows the right time.

I have sat down and talked with Mother Earth about this many times. With a loving smile, she says to me, “These are my precious treasures.” She loves when I play, create, and heal with them. She loves when I SEE them as precious. She loves when I see them as treasures.

In that, I see and know Her as precious and a treasure.

What makes something sacred? What makes something precious? What makes something a treasure? There is only one answer to each question.

It is Love.

When these minerals make it into my hands, they are home in Love. And, I know the hearts of the people who find me… and they, too, are the hands of Love.

Finally, please keep learning, asking questions, and trusting yourself.



Section 4 – Why the Crystals are Valued at these Prices


Some of these pieces are meant for glass cases with lights shining on them! And ALL of these pieces have features that are collector-worthy. They are valued by the integrity and perfection of the crystals themselves. So, if you see a really juicy hunky moment of sphalerite, or a perfect cubic fluorite, or a perfect or near-perfect calcite crystal – it’s this crystalline perfection that collectors are looking for. That’s also what makes one priced different from another, for the most part. These crystals would be 2x or 3x as much in a retail store due to their beauty and uniqueness. And when you add in the very potent healing and medicinal properties, most dealers and collectors aren’t even aware of, you have a lot of value. These are still priced very reasonably, because I’m here to pass these on and spread the healing, not to make a living from them.


Thank you for reading,