Hello. This is one of my favorite applications of Euphoralite. Somehow, in a bath with a euphoralite, anyone can become a gifted stone medicine practitioner. The magic just happens.

1- draw a very hot bath. Place a candle on the tub’s edge. Place any herbs or salts you would like in the bath.

2 – turn the lights off in the bathroom. Place a large towel down on the floor of the bathroom.

3 – Get in your hot bath with your euphoralite. I like to take a pairing in. Red Dragons and Lunas pair well, Snowballs and Purple Lepidolites pair well, and Earths and Gaias pair well. Please follow your own guidance and don’t get too stuck in those boxes. You can also do great with just one.

4 – Start allowing yourself to give yourself a stone healing. Let yourself intuitively start massaging, rubbing, or moving the stones over your body, wherever they seem to go. They will begin to intuitively open things up. They usually start with superficial physical layers, like a muscle pain or rubbing the feet. Then they get deeper and start to work energetically.

5- You will get hot in your hot bath, and this is when you leave the tub and go and lay down on your towel on the floor in the dark and cool off. Bring the stones with you (or just the yin aspect of the pairing) and continue the work. It may be more gentle and still at this point, like just letting the stones sit on your body where they want to. They often gravitate to acupuncture points or energy centers. You will come into a gentle trance state. (The floor part is the YIN part of the whole back and forth ritual. IN the bath is the yang part).

6- Now get back in your hot bath and warm up again. Let the euphoralite healing continue. You can get in and out as many times as you are guided.
You will be amazed at what you and these stones know how to do. Your brain, muscles, spine, eyes and so many other places will have energetic healings.

Deeply enjoy your self-care time,