Sarah Thomas, MS, MAc, LAc, Dipl. Ac graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2002 with a bachelor of science in Art Education. Her graduate training moved her into the healing arts and took place at the first Master of Acupuncture program in the U.S., Tai Sophia Institute. It is currently Maryland University of Integrative Health.

After earning her Masters in Acupuncture, a certificate in Taoist Stone Medicine from the ChinaTown Wellness Center in NYC followed. This was for the completion of her first year of training with Jeffrey C. Yuen, 88th generation Priest of the Jade Purity Lineage.

Sarah moved right into opening Clarity Acupuncture in downtown Asheville, NC, where she has owned and managed a thriving practice since 2008. She practices mainly an acupuncture and stone medicine hybridization with patients, one on one. You can read more about how she practices here:

After completing her training at the Chinatown Wellness Center, Sarah went on to study hundreds of hours in further continuing education with Jeffrey Yuen, focusing almost solely on stone medicine. Her commitment to these trainings are ongoing.

Sarah began teaching stone medicine almost as soon as she started learning it, as many of her colleagues were intrigued, she would hold free small groups to talk about the stones and the teachings. That small seed has evolved over the past decade to workshops, certification courses (over 150 students have graduated from extensive stone medicine trainings with Sarah) online classes, retreats, and national conferences all over the U.S.