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I've been waiting to talk with you about eudialyte for a long long time. As soon as I met this stone, I fell in love with it. Yes, I'm sucker for the stones of the heart, that's true. And, I honestly believe that eudialyte is arguably the most underused stone in stone medicine. It's finally time to open our hearts to a true materia medica reveal on this mineral. There can be no kit of stones, plants, oils, etc. for the heart without eudialyte.
Your heart has experienced so much this past year, I know it. I know because mine has, too.
In this week's vlogcast, we will take an inventory of our hearts. As we approach the solstice and the new year, it's an important time to look back on the last cycle. With eudialyte by our side, we will look back on the last cycle from the perspective our our hearts.
As I prepare to share this vlogcast with you, I dreamed of a dark blood-red full moon. There was red lighting flashing all around it, and even some eerie supernatural fireworks flying up and sparking off in front of it.
This fiercely powerful moon said to me, “Stare directly into me and project your intention for the new year. You must be crystal clear about this intention because I will be weaving it into the fabric of your waking life.”
I knew this was all being asked of me on a heart level. How I want to crystallize what I'm going to feel and experience, who and how I want to love, how I intend to connect, and ultimately what I will radiate from my heart.
Here's the thing. If we're going to set clear intentions for the year ahead, we first have to take inventory of where we've been. Taking that inventory of the heart is essential to knowing our heart's new North Star for the new cycle. We have to look back at the records of the past to know how to go forward.
In this episode, I will explain:
– the eudialyte materia medica
– how this stone opens the records of the heart
– ways to take that heart inventory
– layouts and elixirs for your heart rituals
– great stone pairings with eudialyte
– what I've learned from this stone in practice
Be sure to catch this episode. It will be one of the most important episodes of the season.