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The past few years have been a study on the mounting distractions in my life. Honestly, the distractions (a lot of this is technology related) are becoming a great obstacle on our spiritual paths.
When I was in Peru, we went up to mountains and laid on our backs on the Earth and the medicine men and women would have us just lay there for so long. Until we cleared our minds. It seemed like everything we did there was to drain the distractions away. They would say, “The Light will come to you. But you must see how distracted you are.”
In this time of thickening distractions, I was guided this morning at my apacheta to ask for Presence. To ask for it as a state of consciousness. Presence can not be achieved. The mind wants to achieve it, but consciousnesses like this can not be born from the mind. We can’t do our way to presence.
But, we can ask for it.
The best part of my day today was that moment outside with my stones. I landed in the present. And I felt my heart. And all of the squirrely energy completely ceased. Peace and presence are actually possible.
Then later I was guided to share a transmission with you on the vlogcast this week. It’s going to be a moment designed for you to land in the Present, and we will be assisted by phenakite and the Angelic realm. I’ll talk a little bit about why we’re working with phenakite and then we’ll move right into the experience.
Come and receive.