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The soul level is incredibly important to tune into if you’re a healer. So many dis-eases are rooted in these other realities. If you want to pull up the roots, you have to know how to get to them.

Stones go to the level of the soul. And… the 8 extraordinary meridians do, too. This is why stones pair so well with these meridians.
In this episode, I want to give you a way of working with these meridians that’s for anyone. A complete beginner, a non-acupuncturist, anyone. We are going to do something brand new and work with them through a crystal grid. This crystal grid will take the form of an 8-pointed star.
The purpose of learning this technique is this: This is a way to lean into some personal soul retrieval. The crystal in the grid will represent your soul in 8 different aspects of itself. We will use the grid to intentionally draw some awareness of these soul parts into THIS current time and space.
If you’ve been wondering about:
– the origins of an issue in your life
– knowledge you may have in other time-spaces
– if this… person… IS someone you knew in the past
– what your job or role is right now in this life
– so many more things!
You may want to learn how to set up this crystal grid. This can be a part of your remembering. It’s like holding up a big ear funnel to your other soul parts (which are all actually INSIDE of you) and listening for their wisdom.
Each direction in the grid will represent one of the 8 extraordinary meridians, so you’ll learn a little bit about that powerful Chinese approach to soul healing, too.
You will also be able to apply this to land and earthwork, although this episode will not be about that, it’s more about you. But if you listen in that way, you’ll hear a lot.
On another similar note, you may also listen between the said words for how you can help other people with this grid. Perhaps your clients, friends or patients.
And, if the episode makes you want to dive into soul work and working with these meridians even deeper, you can take my longer course on the Stones for the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.