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Let me show you how to set up this one-stone grid, how to activate it, and how to meditate with it (just 7 minutes at a time) to actually anchor what you need in your life.

In the live class I will share:

1. The magical stone that can help you
2. Exactly why this stone is the one (in three words)
3. How to activate this simple grid
4. A simple 3-part anchoring process to bring your wishes into your world
5. Some Q&A on the technique or the Enter the Cave course

There is actual technology to manifestation. It’s not magic. It’s a technology. And the ancients have been telling us this for a long time. I think this little webinar will help you get crystal clear on how to apply these ancient technologies.

So, if you want to add more money to your bank account, a new place to live, a new love, or prosperity of any kind into your life, come join me and try this out.

You apply some effort on your part, and your Divine will shower you with ten times the Grace.

Oh, and when I added “Can Change Your Life” to the title of the webinar – I meant that.