The Heaven on Earth Project is an ongoing collection of sacred Earthworks.


As I practiced with stones on the body, they awakened me to a deep remembrance of the meridians of the body of Earth, and conscious grids between land forms, ancient sites, and beyond to higher dimensions. I created the Heaven on Earth Project in response to a visitation from Isis, suddenly waking me from sleep one night in 2016. Her directive was to resurrect the ancient temple arts of Creation using stones, light, sound, and more to employ the network of Earth and Celestial energy lines.

The goal of this project is to retrieve and update incoming vibrational information, merge the Ascended Gaia timeline to Now, and anchor love and unity consciousness solidly here on Earth. I have a secret medicine name within this work, too! It’s Starwolf. (shh)

We are now gearing up for some work with the wolves and some large-scale gridwork in the Southern Blue-Ridge. Stay posted by subscribing to the newsletter and following me on Instagram at Sarah_e_Thomas.

A list of past projects and photos will be posted again soon!