First of all, congratulations.

Having pyramids around has always been a sign of evolved consciousness. It’s true! Pyramids used to absolutely cover this Earth and they will again. Pyramid building has always been a testament to bridging Heaven and Earth.

Your pyramid kit is made out of a biodegradable plant material. It is non-conductive of electricity. The small screws you received are also non-conductive. And, you will be getting non-conductive PVC pipe at your local hardware store.

(You can also build your frames out of wooden dowel rods. You simply have to match the diameter of the PVC pipes. This is given in your instruction booklet).

Here’s a link to the PVC you need. You can get this size anywhere. Home Depot is just an option:

Description: 1/2 in. x 10 ft. CPVC SDR11 Flow Guard Gold Pipe

Why does everything have to be non-conductive? Because metals and other conductive materials GUIDE scalar waves. Meaning, they will attract the scalar and move it around based on their own frequency.

For this pyramid, we do not want this. We want our scalar energy to be attracted COMPLETELY by the SHAPE itself. This exact pyramidal geometry is an antenna for scalar energy. It’s shape will pull the scalar energy into the square root of the pyramid, which is, essentially, into its center.

If the bars were made of any metal, like copper, they would be guiding the scalar into other specific places and the antenna would work differently. Similarly, if you placed other conductive materials into the pyramid, like metal screws, the scalar would be distracted away from the generative and pure shape power. Think of it like this: the radio signal would go from completely clear to fuzzy and garbled.

Therefore, when you charge items in the center of the pyramid, you want to lift them up to the center with a non-conductive platform. This platform can be made of plastic or wood. In the images below, you can see that I grabbed a plant-based woven basket that was the right height, and then placed a cardboard box over that. Then I placed the objects I want to clear and recharge on the cardboard box.

As long as you understand NOT to use metals or other conductive materials inside your pyramid, you are golden. You can rig up whatever you want from wood, plastic or other non-metals. Here’s a simple rule: If you wouldn’t plug it into an electric socket, don’t put it in your pyramid.

Keep it simple and keep only objects that you want to charge at the active center of your pyramid. If you try to get fancy and line the pyramid with other crystals or lights or pretty things, it makes that clear frequency fuzzy.

Now that you understand more about how your pyramid works with scalar energy, let’s take in another fact: Scalar energy will also be focused like a laser beam that’s shooting out the TOP of your pyramid.

Your pyramid actually creates a vortex of scalar energy that’s almost like a swirling tornado pointing right out of the capstone (your pointed top). This scalar tornado goes up into the sky and affects a radius of up to 5 miles wide with the meditation-sized pyramid!

People who are really in-the-know about scalar technology use these pyramids to clear chemtrails (geo-engineering), pollutants and even radioactive fallout around their homes. They also work with this to combat other scalar warfare like weather modification and the creation of man-made storms like hurricanes. In Florida, there is a project to build these pyramids all the way up the coastline to fight back against manufactured tropical storms created by scalar technology.

And, you don’t have to be involved in scalar wars to simply keep one in your yard and start noticing the change in the skies and the environment. I have noticed what feels like a force-field of good energy around our land, because I keep several pyramids outside. And, actually, if you build an array of pyramids, such a 6 or 9 of them all snuggled up together, the scalar energy is exponentially increased.

The last thing I will say before I send you off to research this for yourself is in regards to Golod’s very large non-conductive pyramid in Russia. After they built this pyramid, someone noticed a strange new flower sprouting up that seemed like a brand new species. When they studied it, they found it was actually an extinct flower, that had somehow come back.

This is because scalar energy taps us into a field of life that is not confined to the time/space restrictions we find ourselves in. Scalar is able to go back in time, bringing things back that have been lost. And reverting damaged or altered life back to its original natural form. It can also go forward in time. This is being worked with in agriculture now, with so much excitement and hope. Most of this is very much on the down low, though. When people share and connect about what they are able to do with scalar energy, they are often attacked and shut down. Because it IS powerful.

Enjoy your pyramid and follow these threads:

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-See David Wilcocks work on the research on his GaiaTV series Wisdom Teachings. Search for his pyramid episodes in Season 11.

-See all research on the Bosnian Pyramids

– continue down the rabbit hole

Thanks for being my pyramid kindred spirit,