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Join me and the wonderful Greta Dietrich for this vlogcast about making your garden GROW with QUARTZ! Stone friends, if you are growing anything this year – from a potted plant, to a window box garden, to a large field of beds – you will want to watch this. Quartz can actually help your garden grow if you learn some simple ways to work with it.

Greta is an expert in her FIELD, literally! And has been growing with quartz and quartz crystals for years throughout her deepening journey with permaculture, flowers, herbs, food, and more. Come along as we share exciting things like:

  • How to aid plant health in your garden.
  • Increasing the potency of your herbs, vegetables & fruits.
  • Why quartz?
  • Transformation of Quartz into 501 silica.
  • Bioregional Quartz transformation into biodynamic 501 silica for garden application.
  • Grounding the incarnating solar forces with sequential spray of 500.
  • Forging a deeper connection to Nature.

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