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Courses, Trainings and Events

Temple of Stone – begins February 2023!

Temple of Stone is a live online 9-week certification course in stone medicine and crystal healing. You’ll experience your own spiritual transformation as you progress through this ceremonial experience with 27 stones. We only open the doors to this popular immersion once a year.

Making Stone Elixirs and Formularies

This online course is one of the world’s most complete guides on the ancient art of making stone elixirs. You’ll learn how to make your own vibrational medicine from real ancient techniques, how to create your own apothecary, make formulas (potent combinations), and so much more.

Stones for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

Learn 8 acupuncture points that shapeshift into 8 different on-the-body crystal layouts. These treatments are not for chasing symptoms. They are designed to literally unlock the soul records, bringing transformation to patterns and processes lifetimes in the making. This knowledge is game-changing for healers and those they serve.

Transmuting Entities with the Cosmic Dragons of the One

In this training, you’ll go far beyond fixing physical symptoms and explore the ancient texts regarding the spiritual origins of disease. You’ll learn two ancient protocols for transmuting ghosts and entities and the stones and crystals to work with for life-changing results.

Enter the Cave

Enter the Cave is a 9-week stone and crystal medicine certification course.  Loved by students all over the world, this course experience holds the entire materia medica of 27 stones and deep explorations of stone medicine applications, including elixirs, on-the-body treatments, gridwork and more.
"Enter the Cave changed my life.
The stones became alive in me and I felt like I was remembering something I had once known and loved.
I never would have believed that an online course could be so transformative.
This was a masterfully created environment of love, journeying, and wisdom."
Jane Duncan
Medical Qi Gong and Stone Medicine Practitioner
Stones for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians made me realize and comprehend that stones and crystals are truly alive and powerful healing tools from Mother Earth to us.
I also found that the way you teach about stones and describe their properties is very poetic and emotional, which is very helpful to really connect to the stones and understand them. I had an emotional release from almost every module, so this was personally healing, as well!
I now love spending time with my expanding collection of stones in my treatment room."
Olga Popkova
Energy Healer