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You value a clean, safe and calm home. I know this because our homes are our greatest sanctuaries. The world outside continues to get louder. That’s why I developed a way to protect your home that is simple and fun to work with.

Keep reading if you are having trouble:

  • sleeping
  • focusing
  • feeling deeply calm
  • feeling centered and/or still
  • resolving unexplained health problems



This post will help you create a small crystal grid on paper that is a holographic representation of:

  • your home
  • your property
  • the ground below you
  • and the sky above you


I will give you simple steps to building it, activating it, and what stones to use. Beginners to advanced gridders will do great with this “arts and crystals” project.


What you’re protecting your home from:


  • Electromagnetic frequencies in certain ranges are harmful to your nervous system, brain, organs, and endocrine glands – especially the pituitary gland. Cell towers and other electrical power centers keep upping their game and sending out more harmful frequencies. You can read about this by searching “harmful effects of 5G” or watch the great documentary, Take Your Power Back.


  • Underground electrical currents, underground waterways, and some earth energy lines are also disruptive to our fields and your grid will be designed to cloak you from these, too.


  • There are many other energies in the world including spiritual, metaphysical, and vibrational that we can attune your grid to cloak you from.


How to Build the Grid:


This is explained in a video at my YouTube channel and on my Facebook page.

It’s very visual, so please enjoy watching it.

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zN9cfkHD2Y

Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/upperclarityschool


What Stones to Use:

Experiment with these stones first. See what you feel has the strongest effect for you and your home.

black tourmaline
smoky quartz
indigo gabbro
small dark black pebbles from your land or nearby clean land, like a creek

(good assistants would be sodalite or amazonite)

Good luck! the video says it all!

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Clean and clear love and blessings,