pine tree making amber


Goodbye to wondering how to clear and recharge your stones! Farewell to that age-old and new-age question. You are a few paragraphs away from total clear and recharge empowerment!

In this post, I will share the essence of clearing and recharging. It is so simple, and the simplest things are always the most true.


From here forward, you will fundamentally understand how to clear and recharge your stones.


First of all, clearing a stone means to clear it of all energies it may be holding that will not be beneficial going forward. Recharging a stone means feeding it with power and energy, like making it a healthy breakfast so it can be charged for its work. Everything I cover below is speaking to the combination of clearing and recharging as one dual action.


Here it is: Stones clear and recharge when they can go Home.


Exactly like college kids returning to their hometown to their parent’s house and feeling the safety and familiarity so much that they end up sleeping for three days. Or watching football on the couch in their pajamas. Home is where we let go and recharge. It’s where we let our defenses down and take care of ourselves. When we can calm down enough to touch the essence of who we really are, we actually clear and recharge.


For a stone, just like for each of us, Home depends on who you are.


For some of us, our return home to the family land is our recharge. For others, it is a return to a familiar place, whether it is out in nature or at an inner space that has been a temple for us in some way. Think about where Home is for you. Know that you can go there to clear and recharge, too.


Let’s look at the stones, minerals, crystals and fossils we co-create our sacred work with.


  • for amber, a nook of a pine tree is Home
  • for a black saltwater pearl, a return to oceanic salty water is Home
  • for a freshwater opal, a crevice or cave with natural freshwater is Home
  • for a chrysocolla, a night out in the rain in a little nest of copper pieces or pennies is Home
  • for a kyanite, a strong energetic mountain is Home
  • for a moldavite, a stormy sky
  • for an apophyllite, falling leaves on an autumn day
  • for a garnet, some iron-rich earth


Do you feel it? When you return a stone to its natural origin, or as close as you can replicate, it clears and recharges. It rests in the matrix (mother’s womb) of its creator. Understanding your stone’s Home is done by knowing a little bit about how your stone was formed. This is where gaining a little bit of knowledge really helps you take care of your stones. (Now all the stone forums can stop saying to just clear stones in saltwater! Saltwater actually really rubs some stones the wrong way. It’s not connected to their Home).


Now, another truth: all stones, no matter what they are, clear and recharge with their Earth mother.


The most simple answer to this question is: any stone will clear and recharge if placed on the Earth overnight. She is the origin of the trees, oceans, and all natural environments, so she is the true origin of all of us. This works especially well if you ask her to clear and recharge your stone, have a mini-ceremony – a moment of sacredness, and thank her by leaving an offering of some kind. You can leave a bit of tobacco, cornmeal, a song, or a piece of your hair. Leaving it overnight leaves room for the alchemy of the day to night transformation, which helps.


Stones at Home


There’s Home, and then there’s intuition.


Being empowered in clearing and recharging is also a matter of letting go of what you have learned from outer teachers and simply tuning in. The stone will tell you, in feelings or visuals, what it needs. Some of this will surprise you. Commit to listening to what you hear. This is a great way to practice intuitive stone medicine.


Solid practitioners have relationships with their stones.


Which means, stones have requested some very specific clear and recharge methods from their human partners throughout history. We have records of stones being cleared and recharged

  • in the flame of a specific altar candle
  • on specific power spots in China
  • under specific astrological configurations
  • in specific colors of silk cloth
  • under specific rainbows
  • and in specific and very layered alchemical formulas


Learning about this is fascinating and encodes us with creative potentials. But, tracking all of this and then stating that it’s the only right way is a mistake. It leaves out the most important thing: the stones are actually living consciousnesses who need different things at different times and for different purposes.



It is time to sum up the last guide to clearing and recharging you will ever need.


  • Stones clear and recharge when they can go Home, so know a little bit about their origins


  • When in doubt, all stones will clear and recharge on Mother Earth with a little prayer and offering


  • Listen to your stones


I hope thinking about clearing and recharging gets you thinking about true magic. It’s based in relationship and listening, and then creating layers of intention from the truth in your own heart. Trust yourself and trust what you hear from your stones. The most powerful practitioners have their own clear and recharge notes, specific to their stones and their land.

In a future post, I will share a few simple and specific clear and recharge techniques that you may want to try. But, not because you need them – this really was the last guide you’ll ever need.

Clear and recharge blessings,