About Sarah

Hello, everyone.
My life over the past dozen years has been on the front lines as a healer. Thousands of treatments, day by day, one patient at a time.

Years of experience weaving acupuncture and stone medicine have prepared me to show you how to create treatments with stones that heal, awaken, and change lives.

I am a teacher. As a mystic, I stay focused on the heart, protecting and nurturing the intuitive process. As a sage, I stay focused on the wisdom, grounding the information in the phenomena. This balance will provide you with the real gift—your own unique living medicine and your own living relationship with the stones.

I am also a grateful student of a lineage that has stayed alive over centuries because it carries a precious seed of awakening. And one, ever so rare, that sees stones and crystals as fundamental to the cultivation of consciousness. You are about to receive much more than a methodology.

Sarah Thomas TeachingI am a gridworker. The stones have opened my eyes to the consciousness of land, sacred sites, power spots, Earth Angels and the relationships between them all. I want to share everything I’ve learned about the power of creating ceremony, sound and connective grids with you, so we can help our Earth ascend together.

And…I am crystal. I’m here to absorb and transmit the Light, and live a heart-centered, fluid, and unique expression of the One. My inner crystal will reflect light rainbows over to yours. And that dance, beyond our minds, is the light that will open our hearts and make miracles.

You can read Sarah’s professional bio at this blog post – Sarah’s Professional Bio

Sarah is a gem and a genius… and a genius with gems! Her words create literal warmth in my heart. How grateful I am to have sat with such a teacher.”