Welcome to a very special school
of stone medicine

Welcome, everyone. This is Sarah, your lead instructor and creator of the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine. This school is named in honor of an ancient Taoist arts and medicine school known as the Upper Clarity tradition.

You have found one of the most transformational sources in the world to learn stone medicine and crystal technologies, both ancient and future.

Our courses draw from three streams of influence. Taoist stone medicine out of ancient China, Earth-based shamanic approaches, and the ceremonial crystal magic of the ancient Goddess Temples.

Hundreds of students have graduated from programs and courses here, and we invite you to start a new chapter of your stone medicine journey with us.

The school includes certification training courses dive deep into comprehensive training that is suited to beginners and experienced stonalists (like herbalist but more what you came here for).

This is a school with ancient and sacred information on stones and crystals.


Like a crystal held up to the light and turned facet by facet, many Masters have encoded this body of knowledge with their own unique discoveries.

The teachings reach back to Taoist visionaries such as priestess Lady Wei (252-334), first matriarch of the Upper Clarity lineage. They are also touched by the Father of Stone Medicine, Ge Hong (283-343), and include some of the many formularies of the prolific writer and healer, Sun Si Miao (581-682).

Today, the teachings reach us via the oral tradition of an 88th generation Taoist priest of the Jade Purity lineage, Jeffrey C. Yuen. The transmissions are held up to the light once again through myself in my ongoing studies and daily practice. They also reflect the contributions of hundreds of my students, who have been immersed in the modern-day practice of stone medicine.

Herbalists, healers, creators of sacred space, acupuncturists, geologists, ceremonialists, geomancers and all others who honor the Earth are invited to meet these teachings and the enduring spirit that carries them through time.

Sarah's authenticity, her love for her students, love for the stones, and the information she shares is not found anywhere else in the world. I feel blessed to be one of her students.”


Studying stone medicine from an ancient lineage with Sarah has taken my understanding of crystals and their practical applications to a deeper level, both personally and in my business. Her teachings are informative, entertaining and profound. Her excitement, knowledge and passion for teaching stones keeps me coming back for more. I highly recommend these classes.”