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About the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine


This is Sarah, your lead instructor and founder of the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine. This school is named humbly in honor of an ancient Daoist lineage.

A Wu (medicine woman) from long ago birthed the lineage by followed her heart. She gained access to teachings and consciousness from the highest realms of Heaven, or Upper Clarity.

Her courage, and the light and love of generations of masters following in her footsteps, left us this transformational spiritual well to drink from.

Together we remember and awaken stone medicine and crystal technologies both ancient and future.

Our Courses

draw from multiple streams of influence. Daoist stone medicine from ancient China, Earth-based shamanic approaches of the High Andean traditions, consciousness ritual and activations of the ancient Hindu traditions, and the ceremonial crystal magic of the ancient Goddess Temples all over this world.

Our Students

Thousands of students have graduated from programs and courses at UCSSM. Wherever you are in your healing journey, we invite you to start a new chapter of stone and Earth medicine revelations with us.

In Honoring

This is a school with ancient and sacred information on stones and crystals.

Like a crystal held up to the light and turned facet by facet, many Masters have encoded this body of knowledge with their own unique discoveries.

The teachings reach back to Daoist visionaries such as above-mentioned Wu, Lady Wei (252-334), first matriarch of the Upper Clarity lineage. They are also touched by the Father of Stone Medicine, Ge Hong (283-343), and include some of the many formularies of the prolific writer and healer, Sun Si Miao (581-682).

Today, the knowledge core of this work reaches us mainly via the oral tradition of an 88th generation Daoist priest of the Jade Purity lineage, Jeffrey C. Yuen.

The transmissions are held up to the light once again through myself in my ongoing studies and daily practice. They also reflect the contributions of hundreds of my students, who have been immersed in the modern-day practice of stone medicine.

Herbalists, healers, creators of sacred space, acupuncturists, geologists, ceremonialists, geomancers and all others who honor the Earth are invited to meet these teachings and the enduring spirit that carries them through time.