Chinese Taoism is a great influence on my perspective on healing and awakening with stones. Taoism is not a religion. It’s a way of perceiving the world. It’s a way of living.

The stone medicine teachings I share are heavily influenced by an oral tradition rooting back eighty-eight generations into ancient China. These teachings found their way to me through Jeffrey Yuen, a Taoist priest of the Jade Purity Lineage. The teachings carry a consciousness and that has had its way with me. It has awakened my own medicine from within me, and continues to. I believe this feature was encoded into the knowledge intentionally.

As we study stones from this tradition, we are given great power and permission to write our own sacred formulas, birth our own ideas, and relate with our native stones. We are given permission to keep writing into the book of the lineage. How do you think it has stayed alive for centuries? By inviting us to make our own contributions.

Like a crystal held up to the light and turned facet by facet, many Masters have encoded this body of knowledge with their own unique discoveries.

The teachings reach back to Taoist visionaries such as priestess Lady Wei (252-334), first matriarch of the Upper Clarity lineage. They are also touched by the Father of Stone Medicine, Ge Hong (283-343), and include some of the many formularies of the prolific writer and healer, Sun Si Miao (581-682).

One Taoist belief is that the Earth is alive. This belief is shared by many ancient cultures. Taoists also believed that every part of her was here for a reason. This is why they worked with all plants, animal parts, sea creatures, seeds, shells, and beyond. Stones and minerals were catalogued extensively as well. They believed they all had a purpose.

Minerals such as talc, gypsum, hematite, fluorite, pyrite, peridot, pearl and many others were harvested, crushed and ingested. Many of them are still used in this way. In fact, I can still order a jar or pyrite, fluorite and many others from Chinese herbal companies. Besides being used internally, stones were the first acupuncture needles. Stones like flint, obsidian and tourmaline were used to move energy in the meridians. They didn’t have stainless steel acupuncture needle factories back then.

Stones were also the heart of fascinating alchemical practices in ancient China. Very elaborate ritual gatherings, compoundings and firings were explored in the search for immortality, and the transcendence of self-limited consciousness. Alchemical ritual magic was the “inner chamber” of stone medicine for decades. I bet all of the most transformational consciousness formulas were kept secret within families and lineages. There’s only so much that can be shared with the public!

I invite you to join me in this exploration of Taoist stone medicine. I am not aware of any other orally passed living body of knowledge on stones that has carried this far through time. It has something to awaken in all of us.

With Gratitude to the Taoist Masters,